Learn. Know. do.

AfricAN American CulturAl microSchool grounded in power and peace and fueled by genius and joy 

African American History, 21st century skills and more! Uhuru Village Academy is designed to complement traditional   schooling with an in-depth understanding of the African American experience.  Students will learn from award winning educators— through literature, videos, presentations about our African American past and collaborate with their peers to build a bright African American future. Each session is power packed with black history,  literacy, and academic goal setting, as well as unique and powerful hands-on activities that will leave your 3rd - 10th grade child wanting to come back for more!


 Connect with our instructor and your classmates weekly 60 minutes via zoom Sundays @ 5pm.


face to Face

Join us in person each week Saturdays  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in Alpharetta, GA

Self Paced

Walk through our series of video-based instruction, quizzes, and extension activities at your own pace. (coming soon)

Only $179 per 6 week session

Saturdays 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Now Registering for Fall  Session I :  8/19/23 - 9/23/23

Fall Session 2: 10/21/23  - 12/9/23 (No Classes Thanksgiving Weekend)